On Thursday night, I was invited to give an update to the Kingston Pike Sequoyah Hills Neighborhood Association on Recode. This was the second update I had the opportunity to present to the neighborhood. We had a great discussion and I really appreciate everyone who attended and shared their support, concerns, and questions.

To foster additional discussion, Bearden Village Council and I will host a second district-wide neighborhood discussion on Recode. All second district neighborhood residents as well as neighborhood association members and leadership are invited and encouraged to attend.

Second District Neighborhood Discussion: Recode
Thursday, May 9 at 6:00 p.m.
Holly’s Gourmet Market
5107 Kingston Pike

A week ago, I requested a summary of all the changes from the previous draft of Recode. The intent was to compare both versions and study proposed changes to the final draft, which will be released on April 30th. Here is a summary of revisions to the 5th draft. After I have a chance to fully review the revisions, I will post additional updates here.

Summary of Revisions to 5th Draft of Updated City of Knoxville Zoning Code

• Revisions made in response to Council direction and public comments, but address issues considered by Planning Commission in their review of the proposed zoning code update
• Spelling and grammatical revisions throughout code

Article 1
• Reference to adopted City plans
• Provision for Request for Change in Designation to Prior Zoning Equivalent added

Article 2
• New/revised definitions for approximately half dozen terms, typically using definitions in current code or clarification of wording

Article 3
• No revisions of note

Article 4
• Residential districts described as low, medium, or high density
• Reduced setback in RN-6 if within 1 mile of downtown to allow for more urban design

Article 5
• Restriction on structure size (5,000 SF) in 0ffice district unless design standards are met applicable only if adjacent to single family residential zone
• Blanket provision addressing height of taller buildings in mixed use zones when adjacent to single-family residential districts – building setback increase as height increases above 45’

Article 6
• Increase rear setback for industrial uses when adjacent to residential zones to 50’

Article 7
• Form based codes (SW and CU) inserted in their entirety

Article 8
• Neighborhoods built more than 50 years ago eligible for Infill Housing overlay
• Hillside Overlay provisions revised to apply only to residential development and to avoid conflicts with vested rights

Article 9
• Clarify that certain uses prohibited as standalone structures in Office Park district
• Change of neighborhood nonresidential reuse requires special use hearing
• Revised sign standards for neighborhood nonresidential reuse
• Clarification of number of temporary events and time limit for temporary events in residential districts
• Temporary events and temporary sales can be held by registered neighborhood organizations
Use Matrix (Table 9.1)
• Clarification of three uses

Article 10
• Revised exterior lighting standards to reduce impact of exterior lighting on residential properties
• Deleted authority for building official to grant modifications of building code requirements for ADU’s
• Require off-street parking for ADU’s
• Clarified permitted sales and percentage of home used for home occupations

Article 11
• Clarified that meeting parking standards on existing development is triggered when parking area is redeveloped, not when building is redeveloped or use changes

Article 12
• No significant changes

Article 13
• No significant changes – sign code inserted with zoning district references changed to reflect proposed districts

Article 14
• Powers and authority of Tenn Technology Corridor Development Authority inserted

Article 15
• Vested rights provisions clarified, using language from state legislation and current code

Article 16
• Time limit for action by City Council on code/map amendment recommendations clarified (language from current code)
• Standards from current code for approval of variances and special uses (use on review) replace proposed standards
• Review of landscape plan delegated to Planning staff
• Require mailed and posted notice of Planning Commission meeting at which Planned Development concept plan, if provided, is reviewed
• Limits on number of times and time period for which period of validity of approvals can be extended, generally one extension for one time period
• Appeals section reformatted and clarified by using language from current code

Article 17
• Clarification of se of nonconforming lot of record (language similar to that in current code)

Article 18
• No significant changes


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